Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion from us on completing your course. 
You can learn data skills with commitment, practice and application of knowledge. Data jobs are flexible and can be done from anywhere. There are a variety of roles of different complexity and not all roles are highly technical. See it for yourself, take the You-can-do-data test.
Data skills are in high demand, but there aren’t enough data people around.
We train and prepare you for Data Analyst role. When you finish our course, we are also happy to guide you to further your knowledge of data and get into data analytics, data engineering and data science roles.
No. All we need is your commitment to the course. Employers, too, are now focusing on skills rather than other markers like experience, age, background etc., primarily driven by demand in the sector. 
We match mentors who provide a one-on-one guidance and support during the course. Our partners play a huge role in providing us guidance, internships and recruitment. You will be a part of the alumni network of our mentors and students after course completion.
By the end of the course, you will have a very good understanding fo the fundamental principles of data management, key skills required for jobs like data analyst & data manager. Our capstone projects helps you apply the skills you learnt throughout the course where you experience how it works in the real-world.
All you need is motivation, commitment, a computer and an internet connection. We welcome all skill levels ( beginners upwards). 
We can help you pick the programme that fits you best.

Yes, we would like to talk to you about your interests, motivations, time commitments and other details. This is an opportunity for us to know a little more about you and for you to ask us your questions, if any. We will email to arrange a call with you.

Each cohort of learners will learn through online sessions and pre-recorded videos, course work, Q&A sessions and a capstone project. To help with the learning, each  learner will be assigned a mentor, with whom they can discuss the learning and career prospects. Learners will be assessed on the assignments and the capstone project.  Learners also get support in building their employability skills like adaptive communication, time management and collaboration. Learners will Data aligned tools like SQL, Excel and PowerBI. Learners also get support building resumes, building their LinkedIn profiles and attending interviews for jobs in data.To graduate, the learners must demonstrate required knowledge, understanding and practical skills. 

You need a computer with internet to learn and do assignments. Most tools or applications you will need are free. We will help you access the specialised tools you may need to complete the program at no extra cost.