According to this Covid-19 dashboard (Data Visualisation)Which of the following statements is true ?

COVID 19 Data Visualisations The Centre for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University
look at the numbers
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A good data analyst not only analyses data, they should also be able to present it in a way that is understood by the audience. These dashboards did a great job telling us what we needed to know during the pandemic!

According to this weather report of 20 January 2022. What is chance it will rain on this date?

What is chance it will rain on this date? Met Office Weather forecast updated 17:00 (UTC) on 19 January 2021
Look at Precipitation chances
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Percentages and probabilities are a big part of data and decision making !

This is a bar graph that shows the top barriers to investing in digital skills.​ According to the bar graph here, ​ What is the second biggest barrier to investing in digital skills in the UK?​

DIgital Skills and Data Microsoft – Unlocking the UK's potential with digital skills
The second- longest length gives the answer!
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Digital is the future - A lot of money is being invested in these skills. But there are clear barriers !

This is a map that shows what percent of labour force have specialised ICT skills.​ According to this map, ​ How many countries have over only 6% of ICT specialists in Europe?​

Specialised IT skills Digital skills gap Europe, last updated on March 2021
The darkest shade here !
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Can you believe we are still talking about this in less than 10%?

According to the latest Digital Society and Economy Index there are significant differences between Member States when it comes to citizens’ digital skills. ​ What percentage of individuals have basic digital skills in the United Kingdom and What position do we occupy among the other EU nations ?

Digital Skills by Country (Digital skills gap Europe, last updated on March 2021)
Look at the numbers by country
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In the future, 9 out of 10 jobs will require digital skills. ​ At the same time, 169 million Europeans between 16 and 74 years – 44% – do not have basic digital skills. ​

This graph shows the most commonly lacking skills in candidates in their view.​ What is the most significant advantage the younger (under 24s) have over their experienced(over 50) counterparts?​

Digital Skills by age DCMSD Digital skills report Jan 2016
Tall red pillar
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The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) latest study with SMEs highlights that older recruits are more likely to lack digital skills compared to their younger counterparts.

This 'Brexit Strategy Consequences' report has a very clear visualisation that tells you the different EU zones​ How many countries in the EU customs Union?

EU Zones statista.com/chart
Lilac zone
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Presenting information in a user friendly way is one of Data Analyst's key responsibilities

Who consume the most fruits and veg?

Who consume the most fruits and veg? Information Is Beautiful
Green zone
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When Data tells the story, people listen - It's more impactful when evidenced with data

Safest continent to live ?

Safest continent to live ? BBC Science
Check less vulnerable
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Data is presented as pictures when there is a lot of data to process

After the Crimean war, Nightingale wrote a passionate report on why the soldiers had died in such large numbers.  What did the soldiers mainly die of?

Look at the Legend
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Florence Nightingale was one of the earliest #dataanalysts.She used the power of data to show that hospitals could actually kill. She built the "Rose Diagram" that is credited as being on of the driving force large scale hospital reforms.

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